The archaeological area of Valdonega is a splendid example of a suburban Roman villa, sited on the hills that surround the city of Verona.


The excavations of 1957 unearthed the remains of an L-shaped porticus belonging to a building dating from the 1st century AD, of which there remains a large columned hall (oecus corinthius), a mosaiced corridor, a small service room and another fine room richly decorated with frescoes.

In consideration of the size and spatial organization, the columned room has been interpreted as an oecus corinthius, that is a banquet hall with functions similar to a triclinium but larger and more sumptuous.


The oecus corinthius is paved with a mosaic in black and white tesserae with a geometrical design. Between the columns there are polichrome panels where the geometrical motif is substituted by scenes with animals and vegetation, with various bird species in between branches and leaves.

The geometrical motif is repeated in the northern room, whilst the mosaic in the corridor is a simple white border around dark tesserae.


With the exception of the service room all the other rooms are decorated with frescoes.


The capitals over the columns are distinguished for their quality and rarity depicting two dolphins drinking from a kantharos, a cup with distinctive high handles, surmounted above acanthus leaves.


The best preservation of the wall paintings are in the northern room, probably another dining room or meeting room. The walls are richly decorated with depictions of birds (ducks, owls, cockerels, etc.) separated by floral elements in the lower panels, and mythological figures alternated with decorative motifs in the upper part.

The porticus delimited the building on the eastern and southern sides and three steps in the north-eastern corner led probably to an upper floor terraced into the hillside.

An open space outside the western perimeter wall was part of a cavity that served to isolate the building from water and humidity.


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